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My study involves an appreciation of the body shape, including body postures, sitting, standing or even movements - walking, running, and dancing. The human figure is the ideal model of beauty; as it conforms very well to the law that states: form follows function, which is a result of evolution over thousands of generations.


The human figure is one of the most enduring themes in the visual arts. My goal is to continually improve the capture of human figure beauty in its various dispositions; through body language, relative reminiscence, natural moods, behaviors, sex appeal and eroticism.


The beauty of the human form can be captured anywhere given good taste and technique. From the studio, to a home or hotel, and up to zoos and regional parks -- a human, some light, a good camera and angle can make for an excellent shot!


I'm always a novice because I'm always learning! I love the human form! All the angles and curves and the unique way we all present it as individuals. The goal with my photographs is to capture that form and present it to you. As a longtime nudist, I've learned to love the body that I have. For me it's always a work in progress. For others, I look at their bodies and see the beauty that is the human form. I'd like to continue to expand my portfolio here of the beautiful human form. It's pure art!


What started out as a fun activity among my nudist friends has expanded to my non-nudist friends, models and anyone brave enough to jump in front of my camera. Just set up a time, strip down, turn around and smile!


I've enjoyed the charm of adult men in white briefs. It's a throwback to when we were kids. I hope to expand this collection as well.


From time to time, I may ask a model who has the right look to explore some shots refined to the artistic nudes arena or to pose as a subject for male figure studies.


For any models seeking to establish their own promotional website, I have a great PHP/HTML engineer that can create you a streamlined, elegant and secure website for your portfolio at a great rate!

Skill and Style Development

The critical skill required of a photographer is the ability to take a fabulous photo. This involves knowing your camera, understanding lighting and developing an eye for choosing the right angle.

Being able to relate to a client and offer pose instruction is essential, and so are good listening skills to understand what the model is seeking in the finished product. Contrarily, if the model is seeking instruction from the photographer, creative and visionary skills from the model are highly preferred.

By using Adobe Photoshop Elements and Creative Suite programs I can transform images from color to aged, black and white, or sepia formats. Angles can be altered, blemishes removed and images cropped through an image refining process.


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From teenagers to senior citizens, people of all ages enjoy photography; it's an ideal outlet to express creativity. Photography is an ever-changing field with numerous opportunities for those who want to work either independently or as a staff photographer for an employer. Whether specializing in weddings, portraits or photojournalism, or even sports, adult, nature or forensic photography, you need certain skills to succeed as a professional photographer.

Given that, I work specifically in adult content that projects the beauty of the human form in the most natural state possible. From my favorites in white briefs to artistic nudity and sex appeal, I seek to capture the light and angles that render an exceptional image of the subject's form and function! All the whistles and bells of the modern camera should, at least in theory, make crafting great images an easier and more straightforward process than it used to be – with all these exposure modes, focussing tools, picture styles and the like, camera manufacturers would like you to believe that it's just a matter of squeezing the shutter and hey presto you're Bailey! Certainly getting the tricky business of exposure right has become more straightforward for the technologically challenged – you really don't need to know much to get some passable snapshots but I want to take my photography much further!


University of the Arts - Philadelphia / Fleisher Art Memorial

Model Level - Very Experienced

"While living in the Philadelphia area, I've had the opportunity to literally take center stage as a life model for such institutions as the Fleisher Art Memorial, Studio Incamminati, The University of the Arts, other local schools and individual artists. Modeling nude gave me an opportunity to contribute to the arts while acknowledging the presentation of the nude human form. The goal with my photography is to mirror my fascination with the human anatomy.


Various Producers and Theatres / San Francisco and Philadelphia

SAC Card

For years, I've always participated in local theater productions both in the Philadelphia and San Francisco areas. My credits include 'Take Me Out', 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', 'Smokey Joe's Cafe', 'A Lesson Before Dying', 'The Full Monty' and many more. I've threatened many times to walk away from the boards but the desire is there and the audience beckons! Acting was not really widely a "profession" till the 16th century. It involves sophisticated role-playing and make-believe, pretending, conveyed through doing -- enacting on the stage a vision of life. An impersonation -- usually at the service of a script; though not always a script. Acting can be considered as a "pure art": the artist and the instrument are the same.Acting consists of: 1. a series of tasks, usually in a situation or context; 2. done usually as someone else; and 3. imaginary -- at least part of it. The actor must discover the essence of character and project that essence to the audience. The Essence of the character has been perceived differently, however, at different times, periods, styles, and cultures, and by different personalities of actors. Given this experience, I can use the skills and knowledge I've gained as an actor to produce the desired effect and personality conveyed through an image.

"Great photographer! He seems to be a very friendly person and was easy to work with. I didn't feel intimidated like you do sometimes with other photographers. He presents a very relaxed, natural attitude and environment. I would definitely love to shoot with him again!"

"Russell, I need more model testimonials, we are trying to sell you as a photographer here!"

"I have already made one myself, I just need 2 more from 2 of your other models that you know well!"


Check out a collection of some of the professional images I have taken, capturing the essence and beauty of the human form. Of course, in the most natural conditions possible!


Normally, the best means of contacting me is through the website here, by e-mail or texting. My day is incredibly regimented and I am busy with work and class. If you need consultation, of course we can set up a time to chat via phone or possibly Skype! If you have any questions or modeling needs, just fill in your information below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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