Hey there.

Welcome to Always A Novice! The site is still being modified, so please bear with me and I'll have everything up and running soon! Click through to see about me and a brief demonstration of my work. If you're interested, contact me at the end for any business inquiries. All rights belong to © 2016 Russell Johnson, AAN LLC..

What I Do

Of course, I'm a photographer... I take pictures. In particular, I am interested in capturing the human body in its most natural element and form. No filters, fillers or gimmicks; just raw human nature.


Who I Am

I'm Russell Johnson, aspring astrophysicist, photographer and underwriter. The rest is none of your business...


My Work

Take a look! This is only a sample of the thousands of pictures I have. Hopefully it is a demonstration of my work that will spark your interest!

Ready to Shoot?

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